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Comprehensive Educational Books for Children

Discover a world of knowledge and language development with our carefully curated collection of multicultural children’s books. Georgette Baker prioritizes fostering a love for learning through our educational books for children. Our engaging stories, music, and educational content in both English and Spanish promote language development and cultural awareness.

Extend the learning experience beyond books with our delightful children’s songs in Spanish and English. These catchy tunes make language learning a memorable experience for the love of music while reinforcing language skills.

Check out our collections to explore our extensive bilingual books and children’s songs in Spanish and English. Give the gift of education and ignite curiosity in your children’s life.

A woman holding an umbrella and smiling for the camera.Georgette Baker

Georgette Baker is a certified teacher, speaker of 5 languages, and world-traveling performer. Producer of the children’s bilingual book and CD series CANTEMOS, Georgette has performed exclusively for children for the past 20 years. Her abounding enthusiasm for her unusual artifacts and creatures, which she shares in her assemblies, enlivens the stage with her cuatro, a Venezuelan stringed instrument, and the Latin rhythms of her guitar, contagious laughter, and exaggerated storytelling techniques.

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