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Discover Multicultural Children’s Books

Explore our extensive selection of multicultural children’s books, designed to blend various cultures and languages seamlessly! Our collection, featuring diverse songs and bilingual books for kids, promises a delightful approach to learning and enjoyment. Sharing these enjoyable songs and engaging books with your children creates precious moments that foster fun and valuable opportunities for bonding and education. Dive into the rich tapestry of Children’s Songs in Spanish and English, uncovering a world of cultural richness and linguistic diversity.

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Let’s Sing! Cantemos!

We created these children’s songs in Spanish and English to document traditional songs and fingerplays from Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. My name is Georgette, and after living in South America for 23 years, most of the kids’ songs I could remember were in Spanish, but I was sketchy about the lyrics and the music. I have compiled stories, preschool songs, traditional songs, and games on CDs here. All are in English and Spanish, and many come with accompanying books! Share with your children your fun, favorite songs of yesteryear.

Educational Books and Music
by Award-Winning Author Georgette Baker

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