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A book cover with an image of a boy holding his hands up.

I Matter: Yo Importo

“I Matter: Yo Importo” is a heartwarming multicultural children’s book that teaches valuable lessons about self-worth and appreciating the positive aspects of life. This sweet story warms the hearts of both children and grown-ups. It reminds us to look for the sunny side of life, even when things feel down. The main character, Manny, doesn’t see all the love around him because his dad isn’t there. But his friend helps him see the good things by showing him how much his family and friends care.

“I Matter: Yo Importo” teaches us to be thankful for the people who love us and to appreciate all the good things we already have. It also shows how important it is to see things differently. Looking at the bright side, we can all discover a world of happiness and love. Also, the book tells us how great true friends can be. Like Manny’s, a good friend will listen, cheer you up, and help you see the good in yourself and the world.

With fun pictures and words that are easy to understand, “I Matter: Yo Importo” is one of the perfect bilingual books for kids as young as three years old. It reminds everyone, young and old, to be thankful, cherish loved ones, and find joy in the good things already in our lives.


Manny is unaware of all of the people around him who love him and care about him. He is focused on the lack of love from his absent father. His friend listens and watches as the people in Manny’s life share their time and affection with him. With a smiling face and a positive attitude, she mentions that she wishes for what he has, but he continues to be unaware. When she shares a saying by her grandmother, “Count your blessings,” Manny looks around and opens his eyes to the love, kindness, caring and blessings around him. His outside world never changed, only his perception of it.

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